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Book review:On saying please

Book Review
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1. Story: “On saying please”
Author: A.G Gardiner


Good Manners are of great value in human life. Bad manners are not a legal crime. But everybody dislikes a man with bad manners. Small courtesies win us a lot of friends. Words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ helps us in making our passage through life smooth. The law does not permit us to hit back if we are the victims of bad manners. But if we are threatened with physical violence, the law permits us some liberty of action. Bad manners create a chain reaction. Social practice demands politeness from us. A good mannered person will find that his work becomes e person will find that his work becomes easier by the ready co-operation that he gets from others.

2. Story: “Forgetting”
Author: Roberts Lynd


The modern man has a wonderful memory in the daily matters of his life but he is also forgetful in several things. Only a few of us remember to take the medicine suggested by the doctor. Most of us forget to post our letter. Sportsmen generally for get their footballs and cricket bats. Angler’s there fishing roads. Absent-mindedness is a real virtue. The absent minded man makes the best of life.

3. Story: ‘The Never –Never Nest’
Author: Cedrik Mount

The plays tell us about the merits and demerits of buying things on hire purchase basis. Jack and Jill are newly married couple. They are attracted by the hire purchase system .So they by all the domestic luxuries including their house on installments basis. In one sense their child is not their own. They have not made full payment of Dr. martins bills. The system encourages lavishness and taking the loan.
The writer points that the hire purchase system enables the low-income group to have things, which they cannot buy with their money. On the other hand the system makes people Extravagant they fall into the habit of borrowing which makes them unhappy.

4.Story: “Uncle podgier hangs a picture”
Author: Jerome K. Jerome


An eccentric person is source of fun and nuisance. He attaches great importanctopetty things. If he is to do ordinary thing. He looks it as a great military operation. Basically such a person is stupid and forgetful but he thinks too much of himself. Uncle podgier is a person. He has to hang a picture. But he treats it as a big military operation. He manages all the members of his family. When the job is done the picture hangs unsafely on the wall. He provides a lot of amusement to the reader in the process.

Story: “The Never-Never Nest”.
Author: Cedric Mount

The play tells us about the merits and demerits of buying things on hire-purchase basis. Jack and Jill are newly married couple. They are attracted by the hire-purchase system. So they buy all the domestic luxuries including their house on instilment basis. In one Sense their child is not their own. They have not made full payment of Dr. Martin’s bill. The system encourages lavishness and taking of loan. The writer points out that the hire-purchase system enables the low- income group to have things, which they cannot buy with their money. On the other hand, the system makes people extravagant. They fall into the habit of borrowing which makes then unhappy.


Jack, Jill, Aunt Jane and Nurse.


Jack and Jill is a young couple. They live in a well-furnished house at New Hampstead. Aunt Jane pays a visit to their house. She is pleased to see their house and beautiful furniture. Jack and Jill have all modern comforts. They have a Radiogram a car, a refrigerator and a piano. Aunt Jane is very much impressed by their standard of living. They call their house a little Nest. Jack tells Aunt Jane that all their comforts are due to her.
Aunt Jane does not understand how her nephew owns all these comforts. She had presented the couple cheque of only two hundred as wedding gift. It surprised Aunt Jane how they could afford to pay the rent. Jack tells her that he doesn’t pay the rent. He actually owns the house. Aunt Jane is astonished to hear it. Jack explains to his aunt that they have purchased the house on Installments. He told her that living in a Rented house was expensive. They had to pay only ten pounds in cash and a few quarterly installments. Aunt Jane was sure that Jack must be well off to keep up a place like that. Jack modestly told aunt Jane that he had a five-shilling rise last year. Aunt Jane was eager to know if the car belonged to him. Jack replied that he owned its steering wheel, one tire and two cylinders. It was also bought on installments. They could enjoy the pleasures of motoring for a mere five pounds. Jack discloses that every item of comfort in the house had been purchased on installments. Jack says that in fact he owned only one leg of the furniture. The rest to be paid by easy installments. Aunt Jane refused to sit in the sofa. She thinks that the sofa doesn’t belong to jack. Jack tells Aunt Jane that he earns about six pounds a week. His installments come to nearly eight pounds. Aunt Jane is shocked to hear it. She asks jack how he manages to pay his installments Jack replies that he borrowed sum is to be paid in installments. Again that she decides to go home. Jack offers to driver her to the station. She advises them to things in cash. Aunt Jane opens her handbag. She tells jack that she wants to give them a little cheque for ten pounds. She advises them to pay one of their bills. In this way at least one item will be really theirs. Jack goes to see her off at bus stand. Jill thanks Aunt Jane for the present. Jill is very happy to see the cheque for ten pounds. She sends the cheque to the doctor. Jack, mean while, comes back. He is very pleased to know that the cheque for ten pounds. He thinks that he can now pay off the two next installments on the car. Jill tells him that she has already sent it off for something else. Jack gets angry when he hears that the cheque has gone to the Doctor. He thinks it to be wastage of money. Jill tells him that he does not understand the real thing. She tells him that they had to pay one more installments and the baby would be really theirs.

Language style

Language style is very easy.


Aunt Jane’s character is very important in this story Aunt is related to the young couple Jack Jill Who Lives in fashionable house. She likes the couple she has given them two hundred pounds as wedding gift. She does not like a borrower. She thinks that a borrower has no self-respect. She is impressed by Jack’s standard of living. Then she comes to know that jack has bought everything on installment basis. She feels shocked to learn that jack has to pay eight pound as a weekly installment. She hates spendthrifts and things bought on credit. But she is very generous to jack and Jill. When jack gets married, she gives him a cheque for two hundred pounds as a wedding gift. When she leaves their house she gives them a ten-pound cheque.

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